Sunday, February 7, 2010

RIP Gary Lee Pelton, Jr.

Gary Lee Pelton, Jr.
December 6, 1961-January 13, 2010
It's so hard to believe you are actually gone.

January 8, 2010, I got the call, my oldest brother had collapsed.
He had a simultaneous stroke and heart attack.
We lost him on Wednesday, 1-13-10
It's still so hard to believe.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flash flood

We had a flash flood the other day.
These pics were taken down the hill from my home.

Cat 'n' garden pics

Little Butchie... He's a cutie. lol

Cuddlebear and Princess

Golden Moneywort

Pink roses - I love these, but have no idea what kind of roses they are.

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25th - Pinata Roses, Wild Roses

~May 25th~

Pinata Roses


I wish it would bloom more than once a year...

Climbing Blaze, front porch

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May Photos

May 22-23rd, 2009

Duke.. lol

I think it's so pretty, the way the sunlight is on a few of the trees..

CuddleBear, in the rock garden.. =)

Some of the first strawberries of the season..

CuddyBear, Echo and Tiana - shrub garden

Princess.. lol

What is this? It's growing on the hillside, near my yard..

..And, what is this? A ton of it is growing near my yard!

Some Flame Azalea, growing behind the shed.
That stuff is all over the hills this year, love it! =)

TeddiBear, in the Wild Rose bush..

TeddiBear and his Mommy, Echo

The Wild Rose in the backyard - soooo fragrant. =)

Flame Azalea (same one from last year's photo - toward the end of blog)

Any idea what this plant is?

What kind of vine is this? It's trying to climb one of my Tulip Poplars..

Golden Moneywort..

"Peace" Rose


"Knockout" Roses

The front garden.. You really can't tell with this pic,
but I replaced the Azaleas with miniature Roses..
(between the Hostas)
I love how well the Clematis vines are doing this year.

One of the Clematis vines.. The other isn't blooming, yet.

The 2nd "harvest" of strawberries.. lol 5/23/09

One of the first blooms from Blaze (climbing rose on front porch)

Pinata Rose

A bloom from the "Love" rose..

A bloom from "Gypsy" rose..

Soooooo pretty.. A bloom from my "Peace" rose...

Jewell and Furby, in the rock garden.
You can see the shrub garden behind them,
or, what there is of it, at this point. lol
HunniBear.. =)